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Lumio analytics

High performing api with code snippet and dashboard to visualize which company visits your site. Developed with microservice approach, seamlessly scale to hundreds of requests per seconds automatically.

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Lumio image in a mac


Code snippet that allows to integrate the function of adding an optional insurance to a product in any e-commerce. Also developed on a microservices architecture, it is capable of handling millions of requests per day.

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Loan marketplace with high level of security regarding transactions and data protection.

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United Nations Women

Interactive presentation with data visualisation showing the current gap between genders around the world. This projects combines an easy to read set of data about de concerned problem with a minimalistic design of useful infographics.

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United nations woman web iamage

Cosmo Caixa

Mobile app designed and developed to guide the visitants of the Cosmo Caixa museum through the exposition about the origin of humanity. Combines an audio player with information about each spot of the exposition and an interactive map to locate the user providing them with a global view of the experience.

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Cosmo Caixa app


Complex logistics mobile app for a company that delivers goods to people at the beach in a 10mins Service Level Agreement time. Advanced backoffice available to three interconnected levels of logistics organization.

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Aplicación Playiki

Estopa Fuego

Arcade game about the new album of Spanish famous music group "Estopa". We are proud of the whole set of new skills we have learned like game frameworks, physics and mechanics we had developed for a project that is unusual from a standard digital development.

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Aplicación Estopa

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